So I’ve decided I want to get a bicycle, but finding one hasn’t been easy. I have an idea in my head, but I’m not sure that what I’m willing to pay and what I want will match up.

I was thinking of something like this:


A cruiser, full size that you can fold away. Something with a big, wide seat that is cushioned for my butt! I also have been thinking of what I want my style to be. How I want to dress and present myself. I’m really in love with the Oxford look and was so looking forward to wearing some London fashions. I may not be in London, but I can still wear tweed jackets! I got this little number that I’m going to get tailored and I think once that’s done it’s going to be very cute!


















The next adventure? I’m not sure what’s going to happen or where it’s going to come from, but I think I’m ready for it. As long as I look cute in my next adventure I think I’ll have fun. HA!