Image As it should when things become clearer and your path is resolved. Yesterday made me think back to a memory in childhood where I was told I couldn’t do something based on my gender and race. Today I realize that I’ve always bucked those trends and continue to do so. That’s what makes me successful at finding partnerships and opportunities that are amazing. It’s what also helps me identify when opportunities aren’t the right fit for me. So is it back to the drawing board? Well, not yet. I think right now there is a lot of time for self-reflection and improving on oneself. There is also time for travel. HA! Yes, again. This time I have a few trips planned, one with my SO and another with my Mom. The one with my mom will be our first big Mother/Daughter trip and I’m excited. Not just because we’re going to visit the set of Harry Potter, but because it’ll give us a chance to really connect and explore the vibrant city through each others eyes.

In this next year I hope to work twice as hard as before to enjoy the rewards I reap twice as much. I hope to be a better version of myself, more honest and forthright. The end result will be happier and more fruitful relationships with friends, co-workers and strangers who have yet to become friends.

In the meantime, I’ll travel. I’ll blog and I keep growing. There’s a lot to learn and I feel like I’ve just started!