I’m a super organized person. I have lists and charts and plans and all kinds of ways for me to remember things, people and places. So when my travel is in the hands of someone else and they are not as organized as me, it’s a way for me to practice being patient.

I’m not patient. I’m not even remotely patient. I’m horrible at being patient and 2013 is determined to make me wait as much as possible. I finally got my visa letter. NOT the actual letter, just the sponsorship letter that says I can pick up my visa on arrival. I need to get passport photos taken of me and I still have to figure out how much I can fit in just one suitcase and whether or not I’ll be doing laundry in my sink. Small questions that plague me and are possibly things that I need to learn to let go.

I HAVE become a pro at washing my clothes in the sink. I’m not proud of this fact.

So two days to-go and then I’m off on maybe the biggest adventure of my life to date. I say maybe because I have had such bad luck traveling overseas. Whereas others end up in posh digs, I somehow always get picked for the extra screening or long interview. I always seem to JUST miss the last shuttle or bus and I am always being overcharged. On the other side of this coin however is that I seem to elicit pity from people quite easily and I’ve gotten a lot of help from strangers. I’ve flown first class simply because I was sad that I missed my plane and a few times I’ve done things that were once-in-a-lifetime adventures, never to be repeated again.

I’m always being given opportunities to do more travel, to have the experiences I’ve always dreamed of and to make new friends.

Right…I remember now why I was excited about doing this.  🙂

I will almost assuredly get sick (I always do when I travel), I will probably puke in someone’s bathroom, end up lost somewhere in a back alley (that happens way too much to me) and find unexpected treasures hidden among the everyday gems of life. I will almost assuredly have the adventure of a lifetime.  🙂