You can't tell, but there is ALWAYS a crush of people on motorbikes around the taxi.
You can’t tell, but there is ALWAYS a crush of people on motorbikes around the taxi.

I swear, no matter where I go, people automatically assume that not only do I listen to rap, but that I love rap. This will make what…two, three countries where someone has smiled and said “Knee-key Menah”

I didn’t even listen to rap all that much, but when looking to break the ice, I fall back on Rhianna (she’s always reliable) and a Jay-Z/Kanye mix. Now, Psy works quite well and of course some Girls Generation for good measure. It helps makes strangers into friends. 😀

What makes me smile is looking at all the neon lights and signs advertising all kinds of products. Brands here have no real way to protect their image and often times if a company is popular, imitators with almost identical names will pop up. It’s all legit too. You’ve just gotta be aware of what you’re purchasing. I haven’t ventured out to shop yet, I’m still a bit leery of doing it on my own. I know! I know!

I take pictures on the way home in the taxi and most drivers ask “Tourist?” Haha!

As a foreigner I’m expected to haggle, but I won’t get as good a discount as if I were Vietnamese. I suspected as much, but my co-workers confirmed that for me. Ha! Problem is, I am horrible at haggling. If someone tells me to pay $20 for something, I usually will. My loved ones may just get a safe and smiling me as a gift when I return home.

As my first week comes to a close I find myself excited for my first adventure. I’ll be taking a trip down to the MeKong Delta and cruising down the river (I’m bringing lots of DEET), visiting a few villages and meeting some locals. I haven’t gotten sick yet (knock on wood) and I’m hoping that nothing I eat this weekend causes cold sweats. Cross your fingers!