It’s no surprise that I’m sick. It’s like clockwork with me and traveling. I always get sick and I always try to bring the type of medicine I’ll need, but it never works…

One of the most entertaining things to do when you are overseas is to try and buy medicine. It’s always an adventure trying to communicate your illness to the pharmacists. Unlike the US, you have to go and visit someone who will diagnose you and prescribe something for you.

I always get the wrong thing at first. I normally get it right by the third try. This time, I’m going to be lazy and ask the hotel to get some medicine for me!

I have a busy day tomorrow, waking up early to get some cereal before I head out to the airport. Then it’s just an hour ride to Bangkok! I’m hoping I can get some time in to swim before heading to my cooking class. Its so warm here that I feel like jumping into an ocean. While I won’t get to swim in the ‘ocean’…I will get the next best thing.

Most importantly, I got some great insider tips from my boss and co-workers on how to make my trip extra fun and educational. So while I am feeling under the weather, I’m excited about my first trip to Thailand (something I never dreamed I’d do)! I’m even more excited to be able to go swimming, get some cold medicine and sleep on a super comfy bed!

Stay tuned as I tackle my next adventure: Thailand!