Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand“, is what they said to me when I landed. I thought to myself, “I’ve never been to a kingdom before….this ought to be kinda cool.”

Bangkok Airport
Bangkok Airport
Lunch on Thai Air
Lunch on Thai Air

The immigration process is always long and I’m always bummed when it takes more time than I’ve planned for. Still, everywhere I looked I saw pretty people and that sort of put me in a good mood. That was, until AT&T called me and said I went over my data plan and I couldn’t do anything about it. So I held my tongue, promptly told the lady I would deal with them when I get home (I’m canceling my service with them, I’ve had enough) and hung up the phone.

I was so irritated and I thought, “This isn’t the way I want to start my trip!” So I tried to breathe carefully and just get through the airport process in one piece. Once I was in a taxi and on my way to my hotel I started to feel better. The ride was a bit longer than I anticipated, but it only cost me $10 so that was cool. As soon as I stepped into the lobby of the Sheraton, pampering began!

I tried to check in before my cooking class, but the hotel was overbooked and they asked me to wait. I said “Fine” and they told me I could check in after my class. So I decided to go check out the pool, the main reason I wanted to stay here. I have to say, the area is very cute and I’m going to get some swimming time in even if it kills me! Ha Ha! I sat down and ordered a lava flow and just melted into the lounge chair. It was a nice way to begin my weekend.

After that I walked around, checked out the bathrooms, the Library, the rest of the Lobby and then finally made my way to the cooking class at Basil. I was introduced to Chef Kesinee Wantha, who showed me the kitchen, provided me with some yummy refreshments and then quickly put me into an apron to begin cooking! We were making four dishes and honestly, the amount of food we prepared…I have no idea how I’m supposed to eat it all! It was a one on one class and it was SO much fun! I chopped, diced, learn the proper names for things and was even corrected when I was doing something wrong. I did everything she did…I was a mini me!

Everything tasted great and these were easy to prepare…dishes that I definitely feel confident trying when I get home. The only thing was the spice level. She asked me if I liked “Spicy Spicy” and I said yes. She made the Green Papaya Salad and when I tried it, I started crying.

We laughed. She said, “You not Spicy Spicy, you Medium Spicy

Okay, maybe I was trying to look cool in front of the Chef, but we found the right level of spice for me and every dish after that was delicious. Afterwards, she sent everything I made to my room!! How the heck am I supposed to eat all this? I feel so bad that I can’t save it because it was really good. Especially the pumpkin custard. Yum yum yum!

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After the class was done (it took a few hours) I went to check in and found out that I was upgraded for free! I guess overbooking worked out in my favor. I was sent to a higher floor with butler service and a much bigger bathroom. Free internet, free drinks, free breakfast! I asked what kinds of things I could get and my butler informed me that I could call at midnight for Hot Cocoa and turn the air con to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. He said I could ask him to fetch a doctor for my cold. Or I could request Kiwis, Strawberries and Grapes.

Did I mention this butler was hot? Did I mention all the people here are pretty? His smile was like a beam in my face, it was so hard to order him to do anything so I said, “Can I have it all?” And he said Yes.

Oh man…can’t let this kind of stuff go to my head! So tomorrow I’m heading out to do a city tour, do some shopping, get some medicine and hopefully try some local Thai food. I want to be back to the hotel early so I can head to the pool and drink margaritas! Woo!