Anything you could ever dream of, you can get here. Thailand is the most international city I’ve ever been too. I’ve been to New York, but Thailand is NY on some kind of crazy, exotic steroids. Brands from every country, things so obscure I thought I’d only ever see it in Finland or Spain. Somehow, everything ends up in Thailand, the center of Southeast Asia according to my guide Angmo. I’m inclined to believe her after what I’ve seen. The days can be relaxing or exciting. You can be in the countryside, exploring a jungle or shopping at the most high-end stores. You can eat anything you’ve ever wanted in the entire world and it can cost as much or as little as you want. The nights can be hot and crazy (apparently the kids love them some hip hop) or chill and quiet. I’m in love.

But let me back up. After my cooking class I did a tour of Bangkok and then went on a fun shopping spree with my guide Angmo. She runs Thai Sabai Life tours and touring with her felt like I was hanging out with my sister all day. She was fun, spontaneous and silly. More importantly, not only was she up for anything, she anticipated what I wanted or needed before I even knew!

Angmo told me, “Here, have some pineapple. You hungry. I can tell. Demon come out.”

HOLY CRAP is she a mind reader? Anyone who knows me, knows I go kinda crazy when I’m hungry. I have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality when it comes to food. I’m much better controlling it now, but I swear my blood sugar dips or something happens and I have to eat “right now”. It was the little things that really impressed. I literally have tons of pictures of my adventures so in the interest of time, I’ll narrate my journey through captions.

Shall we?

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Wat Pho was gorgeous and FUN! Angmo made jokes and we did silly poses much to the chagrin of the other groups. Oh well! After this we needed a chance of pace. How about a crazy boat ride on the Chao Phraya River? Yes!

After cooling off it was time to grab a quick Thai Iced Tea and then head to the Grand Palace!

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After this we went to grab some lunch at Greyhound (my bosses suggestion) and stuffed ourselves properly. To stave off sleep, we went to two different shopping centers: Siam Paragon and Platinum. HOLY CRAP…Bangkok has the biggest shopping centers I’ve ever seen. Massive. It seems bigger than Harrods and certainly bigger than anything in New York. Trying to find something in there was exhausting, but Angmo kept me going and we scored some great deals!



We ended our day in a big hug and I truly hope one day I can meet Angmo again. The next day I went to the Tiger Temple and that was seriously exhausting. Tigers, even baby ones are so heavy and I was essentially a volunteer for the day. It was amazing, but I literally passed out when I came back!!

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Tiger Temple was nice, but not as educational as I had hoped. It was just hard work from the moment I got there. LOL.

Tomorrow I leave and I wish I could stay longer, but Thailand is one place that I feel like I’ll return too. I can see why so many people fall in love with it! I’m leaving a bunch of stuff out, but you know what they say, What Happens in Thailand, Stays in Hangover II.