Bliss. I don’t know when it started, actually. One day I just woke up and felt like treating myself. It became addictive and I started to build budgets around my “next time”. I worked hard just so I could go and have someone melt my stress away. It’s not that every massage that I’ve had was good, it’s just that most of them have been lifesavers.

Every time I show up the therapist always looks at me like I’ve been doing manual labor. My back is filled with knots and my shoulders are like stones. Everyone wants to pound away my stress, but that just aggravates me more. A real masseuse would understand that I need lots of gentle touches to melt away the stone. People say, “Oh when you’re in Asia, you have to get a massage!”

What could really be different about the massages here? Well, for starters, they could be a mix of Eastern and Western medicines, leading to a completely relaxing and other worldly experience. Am I exaggerating? Probably, but I swear I fell into such a deep sleep that by the time I woke up it was as if I had slept for the entire night.

I had suction thingies on me and I’m not sure what they were supposed to do, but I imagined they were sucking up all the stress and worry from me. My masseuse was such a small girl, who sat right behind me. She pounded on my back and I wondered how someone so small could have fists so powerful? Usually pounding hurts, but this was more strategic. Like she could see which knots were most bothersome and was attacking just that particular spot.

This could all be in my head, but I think I’ll have to go back again just to make sure….