I’ve breathed in the cold and crisp air of the Baltic sea; soaked in the energy of the river Thames; baked in the sun while rowing in El Retiro Park; slept in the winter snow while in the shadow of Place Vendome and yelled greetings to the smiling faces running after me down the Mekong Delta. I realized after traveling almost non-stop for a year that you can grow up and have amazing adventures…if you’re open to it. I can’t pretend that I was always open to the journey, but I’ve been incredibly lucky to see some of the world.

I went from being an NPC to taking on a quest and setting off on my own adventure. I can’t stress how important it was for me and how important it is for everyone to challenge themselves with uncomfortable truths and happy coincidences. 

I have only a few days left, too many things I want to do and not enough time to check everything off my list. I think I’ll just find a corner, grab something cool to drink and watch people go by. The constant hum of life that surrounds Saigon is something I’ll miss, but I’m looking forward to creating my own buzz when I return.