That’s where I’m headed tomorrow. I got an invitation to come up and have brunch with the CEO, and while we’re there, kick the app around and see what’s what.

I’m thinking, “So you want me to come up to Yountville, eat great food and play around with our app? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY”

Seriously, who could say no? Not me! I love eating, I wish it was an officially recognized sport. I also wish I loved exercise just as much. Either way, I’m excited! Yountville has some of the best restaurants in the nation and I want to try a little bit of everything!! Only question is, should I just book a hotel room and stay overnight? Do it big or indulge in the morning and then return home later? I do like my own bed, but then again….most of the places here have Afternoon Tea.

A F T E R N O O N  T E A

I hope tomorrow is a bright, sunny day. That way I can throw on my large shades, don a big hat and sit outside and soak up the sun. I’m probably most excited about the food pictures I’m going to be able to take. HAHA