There is a smell wafting up from the pipes in the kitchen sink. Alex swears it wasn’t there the whole time I was gone. I only partially believe him. It took me days to figure out where the smell was coming from. When I first got back the place smelled so bad, that every time I cleaned something I could still smell something rotten! Now with the entire house clean, I’ve finally figured out the culprit.

The kitchen sink.

I leaned over and took a deep breath, squinting one eye from the stench that arose. I quickly called Alex over and he said he couldn’t smell anything. I was very suspicious until he woke me up this morning and kissed me on the forehead and said, “Baby, our house stinks….”

I was happy. VALIDATION!! I knew it! I haven’t been a crazy person this entire time…clearly I have a super power. The power to smell things before others. I hate this power.

So while I scrub this entire house down until it sparkles and smells like lemons, I’m trying to think about what I want to do this weekend. I think I want to go and get a bicycle seat. Alex wants to ride more, but his seat hurts. So I think I need a seat that fits my butt better. That will be my goal for today and tomorrow. A new bicycle seat with a fat cushion and relief from the stinky sink! It’ll be fun to take some non-food pictures for once. I should dig out my good camera, the semi professional one I brought myself years ago in my crazy “I want to be a photography” phase. Maybe I can document my journey in finding a good bicycle seat. I’ll spare you my adventure with the kitchen sink though.  🙂