At some point we became a household full of gadgets. By we I mean Alex and I. Two people. With so much shiny, blinky stuff that I wonder if its all necessary? I have three phones. I had four, but I gave one to my mother. It made me feel better about myself. One phone is for work, one is for personal use, one is for travel and while they are all used at the appropriate time – it still feels wasteful.

According to a recent study by the NPD Group, the average American household now has 5.7 internet connected gadgets. That includes computers, tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, video game consoles and media streaming devices.


Alex and I both have our own tastes. Apparently everything I touch leaves some kind of slimy film on things (I’m probably related to a swamp monster) so we have to have separate – EVERYTHING. His tablet for reading comic books, mine for checking Facebook. His game consoles for streaming media, mine for playing Uno with my friends. His computer, my computer. Our joint three extra laptops (which I’m assuming we’re hoarding for a Zombie apocalypse) and I haven’t gotten to the phones, my cameras (Instagram made me think I could become a professional photographer – then reality struck) and a myriad of other devices that were alien  to me just a few years ago.

You can guarantee that if someone had offered me a chance to purchase Google glasses I would’ve been RoboCop’ing it up! Order dinner while I walk home from BART? Don’t mind if I do! Don’t speak logically to me and say I could just use my cellphone. That would ruin my cyborg fantasy that I’ve got playing in my head.

So what brought about this sudden revelation? I hate to admit it, but I was thinking of getting a new phone. My current one can’t last a day and when I’m out running my errands, it gets really bad. I have to stay connected, and I can’t keep using what I have, but I don’t want to add to another landfill so I’ll try and donate what I don’t need and recycle the rest. Gizmodo had a great article on where you can donate your old gadgets and honestly, what’s old to me might be perfectly fine for someone else.

So while the trend of having lots of ways to stay connected may not be slowing down anytime soon – I can still do my part by giving back to the community annnnddd maybe get a new phone in the process.