I love seeing travel pictures. It’s not only inspiring, it’s just fun to live in someone else’s shoes for awhile. I’m lucky that my friends have such great adventures. My own started when I saw my friend Laurie’s pictures. Her stories are amazing and while I do not think I can top her journeys, I do think she sparked something amongst us all. When I left I had friends comment on how wonderful it must be to travel and now I see them all casting away to new shores and starting new companies. I’m excited by all the things they are doing, I’m a fan. If they come out with a new product, I want to try it. I love success stories, especially those of people I admire.

I thrive with good conversation so I’m especially excited to be seeing one of my oldest friends. At this point she’s like a sister to me. I’ve met her family and feel just as comfortable with them as I do my own. Case in point, when I came to visit for a short break once, “mom” put me to work for grandma’s birthday party. Ahhh, nothing says “You’re one of us” like putting someone to work! She’ll only be here for a few days, but that’s enough to create some fun memories!

My life has been pretty whirlwind for the past year as I’ve moved around quite a bit. While I’m settled now and I do love the little home life I’ve created with Alex, I can’t help but peek over the fence and onto greener pastures. My mind wanders and I start to imagine the next journey I’ll take. Luckily, I have another two free tickets so I think this time it won’t be solo! I’ve already started thinking about where I can go. Winter causes an issue because its so cold, but it also brings amazing prices and opportunities to see things with almost non-existent crowds.

Question is, where to next and with whom? Location and great conversation are my next two priorities!