I’m a director at heart. I like to stay behind the scenes and craft a shoot. This isn’t my first time doing some kind of community/marketing/promotional work for a company on a small budget. Zynga and Playdom both let me stretch my creative chops and while there are some things I think others wish we could bury – I remain very proud of everything we did. If anything, we had fun and I think you can see from these promotional videos (pre-Disney) how much time we spent having fun at work!

So when I was asked to be the spokesperson for our app, I hesitated. I am so uncomfortable in front of the camera (ignore the tons of selfies I post – that’s an entirely different disorder) that I couldn’t imagine anything coming out natural and fun. It WAS fun though, plus I did learn that it’s much harder to be a model than I thought. I’m happy to report that I’m not giving up my day job! So the models of the world can breathe a big sigh of relief. haha!

What I can appreciate though is how much of a real job it is to look good when you don’t feel good. How heat, bugs and wind can be your new enemies and how makeup that looked good 2 hours ago can feel caked on and heavy by the end of the day. This was a new experience for me, one I wouldn’t have volunteered for had it not been for my company. As always, new experiences bring challenge and opportunities for you to grow. For me, it was finally looking at a picture of myself and feeling…well, comfortable.

I always try to hide myself, but when I saw some of the pictures, I saw a girl who looked like she was having fun. Really enjoying herself.

I dig that.

I still want to work on improving myself physically, but this unexpected confidence boost was a really nice surprise. I would rather not model again, but at least full body shots don’t scare me anymore.