I haven’t done a public blog in awhile. Works kicked up and as the holiday season begins rolling in, I’m finding it even harder to get together with friends. Yes, even though my app makes it easier – people just keep getting busier! Before it was a week in advance and now I’ve been looking at calendars 2 weeks in advance! Pretty soon I’m going to be making dinner plans with my old team during Thanksgiving! (hehehe, no seriously guys, let’s get together before that!)

So while I’ve been mulling over doing an off-shot blog where I eat my way through the Michelin Guide 2014 (SOMEONE SPONSOR ME!) I do have some NEW exciting news to share! I’ll be heading back to Europe next Spring. Specifically with my parents for the Spring Classics. Now, if you’re like me, you know about Tour de France, but every other tour is just a jumbled mess in your mind.

The Spring Classics covers the races that lead up to Tour de France. My parents (and maybe, me? Well see how this training routine goes) will be heading to the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and France. I promise you, not all of that time will be cycling. Some will be dedicated to bier and hopefully we’ll get a chance to stop by and say Hello to a few friends that live that way.

My trip could take on any form, so I’ll never know exactly where I’ll end up, but I’ve had a nice rest in the U.S. and I’m ready for another adventure. This time, on a bike!