Virtual Board

Virtual Travel Board

Pinterest now allows you to create travel boards of things you want to do and things you’ve done! Not all of my blogs are made public and I thought this could be a fun way to share where I’m going and what I’m doing — without opening up my entire blog. Some of my musings are interesting, others would be boring to anyone, but my mom, I think. hehe.

More importantly, friends who are traveling or hoping to travel might get ideas, be inspired or have a chance to meet up with me! Either way, it’ll be a fun experiment to try out.

This next trip is a little over a month and I’ll be heading overseas with both my parents this time. We definitely have different ideas of what’s fun, but as I learned during my Winter trip with my mom – the unexpected can be pleasant. That’s not to say I’ll want to do everything they do or vice versa. It’s just that I have to remind myself to be open. One of the most amazing memories I had was freezing my butt off in Paris trying to bicycle. Sure, I thought I was going to die, fell in the middle of the street and scared the people around me enough to have them rush out to help me and then scold me. (haha, me a grown woman being scolded like a kid — it was kind of endearing in a way) That would have never happened if I had decided to just sit at home and rest.

The “X” factor in this trip is my Step-dad. He’s lived overseas before and has visited many places so finding surprises for him will be challenging. There is also my ever changing mind. Each day a new idea pops into my head and off I go to run the calculations and costs. If I can pin down my ideas (hehe, see what I did there) than maybe I can provide a sort of guide for my parents to hone in on the type of things they would enjoy the most.

For me the missing link in all of this of course is not only being able to link to where I’m at or what I’m doing, but then be able to connect those experiences to vendors. If I could really use this site to plan a trip – well, that would be pretty awesome. For now, I’ll stick with making a virtual push pin map for my family and work on that real life one when I get back.