When I think of what I’d like to improve, I never have this unrealistic idea in my head of what weight I should look like. Instead, I judge my success on how well the clothes I like fit. I don’t want to be thin, I want to be fit. Curvy and fit. Thick and fit. You get the idea. So for me, day two of the Grokker challenge had me focusing on core conditioning. Yesterday was a warm up that was nice and honestly, a great way to raise my body temperature.

I’m usually much colder than most people and I find it difficult to really get warm. Those that touch me often remark on how cold my skin is, even when everyone else is warm. I could have a thyroid problem or I could be a mutant. I prefer to think it’s my Iceman powers coming into their own. Nevertheless, I have tried a myriad of ways to increase my body heat, but never thought of just exercising first thing in the morning. Really, morning exercise to wake and warm you up works just as good as a hot shower and a cup of coffee. This is a habit I’d love to keep!

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30 min. flexibility exercise that gets you ready for your day and won’t give you an exercise headache!

Today I decided to try level one of their workout challenge. It’s similar to Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred in that you have different levels you can do depending on how active you are. Most of the time I’m sedentary so I knew I should start off easy. Well, there is easy and then there is exercise headaches and wondering why you had that half cup of chex mix at dinner. While I definitely found it difficult, I also thought the pace was well done, the host was irritatingly cheery and just when I couldn’t take anymore we switched it up. Due to me being so out of shape I had to watch the video twice because my first time through I thought my tailbone was on fire. Still, I have to admit, by the end of the 12 minutes (I know that’s not long, don’t judge me, lol!) I was actually able to balance myself and do some of those crunches. So I guess practice does make perfect. What’s even better is that this exercise is GREAT to do at home, before you leave for the office. 12 minutes, without weights. Heck, if you have one of those offices with a gym on site or nearby you could do this on your lunch break. I love these type of exercises that don’t require you to spend money and are hard, but quick. 

On top of these videos I’ve rebooted my MyFitnessPal account to start tracking my food habits. If I can, I’ll try and stay under 1300 calories a day. By my calculations that would put me at a very reasonable weight loss of 1.5 pounds a week. Easy to lose, my body won’t go into shock and I should be able to keep that off permanently. We’ll see how this month shapes up, but so far, so good. If you’ve got an account, let me know so I can be your fitness pal too!

If you want to view the daily videos, check out Grokker’s blog and don’t forget to visit my page and follow me! Besides earning me random internet cool points and helping me win the challenge, it’ll make me smile.   😀

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