Pilates. It’s serious business. It’s not that I thought those exercises were easy, it’s just that I thought you only did Pilates or Yoga when you had a death wish. So when I saw the exercise for today I grimaced and put it off until after lunch. I figured, I could psych myself up for it. Turns out, I didn’t even need the extra mental boost. Amy Perera‘s beginner class is simple, really effective and fun!

1-3-2014 2-34-31 PM
I loved this video so much, I put a ring on it…(or y’know, just clicked the heart icon…hehe)

I’m a people person so I really need the instructor of whatever video or show I’m watching to have an outstanding personality. Everytime Ms. Perera told me to lower my shoulders or suck in my belly button it really felt like I was in her class. To be able to convey that feeling across a video speaks volumes for her style and work ethic as an instructor. 

Now, I’m far from being converted. I still think Yoga is way beyond my reach and anytime someone asks me to do some planks I feel like slapping them. 


I’ll try and keep an open mind. I’m sure the advanced stuff would kick my butt into next Sunday, but these exercises I can do. It’s rewarding to be able to do something and finish it. Just ask me how I feel about this in a week.  😀