When Dana McCaw said I could fit this workout in at anytime, all I heard was “Challenge Accepted“. So I ran errands, did some cleaning, fed my minecraft addiction and when I found myself 1/2 hour away from having to leave the house before meeting some friends, I panicked!

I told you all I would do the exercises everyday and blog about it, but how was I going to fit a workout in? Well 13 minutes is really all I needed to get my heart rate up, body shaking and burning up. I didn’t fully believe it, but ask and ye shall receive.

I’m aiming for this…superpower and all…

What’s great about these exercises is that they are all different. Also, I haven’t had an exercise headache since I first started so I can’t tell if I’m slowly getting used to it, drinking more water or just doing less strenuous workouts. I feel like in a couple of weeks I might have to step it up a level and really see. Still, if you need a quick workout (no equipment needed) right before you head out and you can’t make it to the gym, this routine has got you covered!