Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s a holiday that I doesn’t jive with me. It feels…made up. Very commercialized and really, flowers and chocolates can be purchased any time of the year. I find that sending a card of appreciation is a much better way to celebrate the holiday. Often times I don’t purchase cards at all, but I write little notes. Post-it notes. Emails. Anything will do! People are always amused and really, we need more days where we stop to smell the roses and thank those who have helped us along the way.

So for this V-Day, why not try sending a video game greeting e-card? This absolutely adorable company calledGreeting Gamesmakes simple flash games that have hidden messages. Inspired by the recent influx of video game proposals, they created a site that allows a recipient to play and beat a game. Once they win, the hidden message is revealed. All without having to sit through hours of computer science classes! While in beta, cards are free so it’s a perfect time to try them out. Besides customizing the message you can also select the difficulty of the game. Easy is really easy and I’d only suggest that for young kids. Adults should be able to solve ‘Hard’ mode without much trouble. Although I can’t even finish an ‘easy’ version of Sudoku so…y’know…do some A/B testing before deciding on which game you’re going to send.

Is it just me or does this seem 'inspired by' BWS?
Is it just me or does this seem ‘inspired by’ BWS?

Of course you can send a Valentine’s Day card if you want, but why be so regular? Why not give someone an Amazon gift certificate and put the code at the end of the game! Woo! What a great surprise and a fun way to collect it as well.

Now where did I put my birthday calendar…