I had this whole blog post planned and then I went to go look for some free stock images to use. You know, the right way and that’s when I found out that Getty is releasing millions of free images online! (Just imagine my mouth drooping a bit while my eyes grow larger.) Getty is one of the largest, if not the largest distributor of stock photos. Even when you’re not trying to run afoul of the giant machine you somehow end up using an image that they inadvertently own.
It could be that you paid for it at one time and then the company you used was swallowed up by them or you got it from a site that pilfered it from them. Either way us bloggers and marketers know the fear of accidentally using an image we aren’t supposed too and getting in trouble for it. That’s why Getty offering a selection of their library for free is really awesome. 
Right now they are evaluating what else to add to the tool so it’s a good time to try it out and make your voice heard. To use the tool just visit Getty Images and type in whatever you’re looking for. When something is available for free to use on your website, you’ll see an embed icon while your mouse hovers over the picture. Just like in my example below.
3-7-2014 3-48-52 PM
Just click that icon and you’ll get a code to copy and paste the image onto your blog. It’ll show up like this!
Embed from Getty Images

And that’s all you have to it! A way to add pictures to your blog post without accidentally stealing someone else’s hard work. Not everything is free and you’ll know just by hovering over it if you can use it or not. Super simple and now worry free!