Birds are a common dream theme among many cultures. The type of bird you dream about even makes a difference. In “The Big Dictionary of Dreams” by Martha Clarke, she mentions that birds like magpies, denote adultery. Blackbirds express envy and a flock of birds represent our desires to be part of a group that we admire. So color me shocked when I had a very vivid and sad dream about a bunch of colorful, gorgeous looking dead birds. Pinks, purples and blues with feathers in many combinations.

“Beautiful Death” by Anastasia Korochansckaja. Print available at

Considering all the nonsense going on these days I was confused as to why I would be experiencing these feelings. The presidential election, every single time I try to fly, and generally living the life of a minority hadn’t seemed to shock me yet. Was it the loss of an idea? Hopes dashed against a rocky shore? This may be dramatic, but for someone who thrives off creativity, the shuttering of dreams are just as devastating as the rapid deterioration of my finger. Most assume that dead birds mean disappointment and I think that’s as good of a word as any.

Not for myself really, I was a simple bystander behind a wall watching the chaos unfold. No, it was more for others as I watched their little lights of hope flicker out of view. I felt sad that I wasn’t able to do anything. The dream was not violent, the birds died off camera and their beautiful bodies fell one by one from the sky into neat colorful little piles. I thought about picking one up, but then I wondered if I would really be able to help it. It was dead and before I could think another thought, the piles began disappearing into the ground.

I woke up before I could see if anything sprouted from that soil. I think perhaps I might have to become a gardener. If this dream is going to have a happy ending, it’ll need someone to tend it, to ensure that this is a vision of a new beginning and not the end of an era.