7 ways to maximize Amazon Prime

I keep finding new ways for Prime to surprise me. From the everyday conveniences to the holiday specials, I frequently check back on Amazon.com to see what new deals or services I can find. I’ve combined Prime in some interesting ways that have helped me save the day or look like a rock star planner. I figured I should start noting these things. Prime lifehacks, as I like to call them.

Free Shipping

Everyone knows Amazon Prime’s first and arguably biggest benefit is the free two-day shipping. However, you may not have known that you can also filter for items that allow for free same-day delivery. PLUS, if you download the Prime Now mobile app, you can get free 2-hour delivery on certain items. Prime Now has flash sales too, and you can get all kinds of things for half off or completely free! It’s like what your parents used to do by cutting coupons, but you know, on your phone and without any effort. Just pure savings; I love it! If you’re like me, this means you pretty much don’t even know what a mall looks like anymore. Seriously, what does a mall look like?


I’m so surprised that people don’t know more about this! Amazon Prime Videos not only has access to original programming like Emmy-award winning Transparent but other shows like The Man in the High Castle and my favorite, Fleabag! In the beginning, their catalog of TV shows and films was pretty weak, but it’s gotten much better lately. I still have Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max (what?!), but since Prime Videos comes with my subscription, I’m not paying anything more for additional content. It’s definitely worth checking out, plus you can indulge in all the Vikings you like. No, really, indulge, you’ll thank me for it later!


THIS. This has been my savior at work! I listen to Jazz springtime playlists when it is cold and rainy outside. Or when I’ve got a huge deadline looming, I’ve got the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat! They’ve got a paid option, which is sort of like an upgraded version of what you get with your Prime account, but really all the music that’s already there is awesome! You can play it on your phone, on your computer, and then transfer it to Alexa when you get home. I never missed a beat when I was singing along to “Shiny” from the Moana movie soundtrack!


This was something neat I found that I thought others might like. If you own a kindle and love books or comic books, in my case, you have access to a whole bunch of stuff for free. It rotates, and there is always something new to read. I love comic books, and I like that the selection isn’t restricted to just big publishers. I’ve found some cool new series by just browsing. This is mostly used by my family, but sharing is caring, right?


I’ve only used them for books, but now they’ve got original channels which sort of seems like podcasts. Cool, TedTalks appear here as well, which I’m planning on checking out in the new year. ALSO! Now, I can’t confirm this, but I was able to get a few free books as well. I snagged PlayerOne, read by Wil Wheaton, and it was fantastic! It really helped my boring commute to work fly right by. Sometimes I’m so engaged I miss my stop but isn’t that how a good book is anyway? They just seem to pull you right in! Audible is pretty new to me, but I figure if I keep checking in, I’ve gotta find some cool deals, right?


YASSS! Let’s be real; you already had a Twitch account; this is just like a level-up! You get your account, but with more goodies. I’m digging the creative channel as well, especially since my friend started broadcasting his sculpting. The Twitch community is fun, helps me relax after a long day at work; I can always count on Twitch Plays Pokemon to help me brighten my mood, and I totally look forward to free game loot every month!


Okay, so unlimited storage sounds kind of boring, and it is. I mean, it is helpful, but it is not really cool. You know what is cool? Having Amazon store your photos and then helping you pick out the best ones to print. Oh yeah! When your photos are stored, it makes it even easier to use Amazon Prints. So this is just my opinion, but I’ve used almost every photo/holiday card printing site there is, and I’m never quite satisfied. Some are cheap, but the quality is cheap. Some are great, but the prices are too great. Amazon Print is just right, and it was so easy to look through all my photos since I had them stored on my account. I’m not pulling a Goldilocks you here, but the selection is great; not having to remember every photo you took is helpful, and the turnaround was fast!

New services keep appearing, new ways to use your account that almost seem difficult to keep up with! If you know of a neat hack to maximize your prime account, let me know! I’m always looking for ways to simplify the everyday.