I’m not settling. All of 2018 was a lesson in what I would no longer accept. Not every lesson was harsh, some were amusing. More importantly, where people made my voice feel small, I started speaking up and speaking out. I’m always grateful for the people who’ve come through for a reason or season, even if it hurt.

Who I was then is not who I am now. Now I feel a roar building, I feel adventure calling. Now, I can unabashedly talk about the things that bring me joy. Healthy relationships, marriage, kids, all of it. It’s what I know I want and what I’m ready for. I’m stepping onto the platform, headed in an unknown direction and leaving everyone and anything behind that’s not ready to journey with me.

As I head into the new year, I really do feel like big changes are coming and I’m going to be in the driver’s seat for all of it. Every morning I speak my happiness into existence. Every evening I smile as I realize, little by little, things are falling into place. So take the leap with me. There is nothing to lose. You’re starting from a blank slate, we can sculpt life to look like whatever we want! Why not ask for everything?

So repeat after me, in 2019…

I WILL FIND JOY: Happiness is fleeting, so what I really look for is joy. I find it in my bosses’ laughter, it’s echoes deep in my soul. I find it in the walk home, the air is always so crisp. I find it wrapped in someone’s arms. I love giving and receiving hugs.

I UNDERSTAND THAT I’M MY OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL: Not everyone will be attracted to me or want me. Rejection doesn’t define me. I have so much love, laughter and light to give, I will resonate with those that feel the same.

I KNOW COMPARISONS ARE COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE: I won’t compare myself to other people. Social media makes comparison seem like a natural thing. It’s not. I’m on my own path and nobody can walk it but me.

I WILL EMBRACE MY SPIRITUALITY AS A PATH TO FREEDOM: Karma is real and doing the right thing, no matter how difficult, is always the right path. I will give abundance to receive it and I know that everything works for my highest good.

I DECLARE THAT FUN IS NECESSARY: I won’t forget to have fun on purpose. I know that fun requires a purposed effort. Many others don’t and I won’t let that stop me from bringing fun to my life and the lives of everyone I touch. I will plan it. I will do it. I will have it.


Photo by Hannah Ray on Unsplash