Someone asked me, “When are you going back to work?” and I thought, “Man, that’s such a great question!” Not because I didn’t know the answer or needed to think about the response. It was a great question because it taps into our collective consciousnesses on what it means to be productive. So let’s chat about that for a moment.


For me, I’ve never stopped working so the idea of going back to something that I never stopped seems so foreign. What I did do however is change perspective. I shifted what was important to me. So every interaction, every word, every thing that I do requires an equal balance of give and take. I do not put more energy or time into any one thing than I get from it. This meant that the work I’ve been doing was a type that gave back to me directly. I would not and will not accept work that doesn’t feed my soul. There can be no action that does not also raise me to my highest good.


It seems like such a radical concept. To focus on yourself. To love yourself. To do what’s right for you. But in reality, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Happiness begets further happiness. Love follows love. Light is drawn to light so the more I focus on my own happiness, the happier others will be as well. I will naturally follow a path that just – works. 😀


So what kind of work are you doing? How are you feeding your soul? Don’t get me wrong, bills need to be paid, life is still happening and ya girl still loves her shopping sprees, but there doesn’t have to be an either/or in this situation. I can still work hard, I can still be productive as society calls it and STILL do stuff that feeds my soul. THAT’S what its about. Our time here is limited. We need to make the most of it.


Like TI said…