Weekly Musings: Deeper

Image from Divine Doors by Andrés Engracia

You are not finished; you are not yet done. Dig deeper and deeper the best is yet to come. Hold on, hold on. Pass this on.” – Andrés Engracia

The choices we make can feel linear, as if we’ll make a decision and be stuck in there. People and their energy repeat. Patterns repeat. The cycle repeats until you learn the lessons you’ve signed up for. Creating healthy boundaries. Saying no to that person, place or thing who always tempts you. Being kind to yourself.

When you think you’ve gone in one direction, you find that you’re actually headed in another. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the lessons you learn while on the journey. If you get to the end, you’ll just start over again from the beginning. Whether  you start from scratch or not depends on whether you learned anything from the lessons life has tried to teach you.

Karmic debt is often created, not by how poorly you treat others, but how unkind you are to yourself.