Website & Email Copywriting


If you hired Jim Halpert from The Office to write high-quality product features in various categories such as tools, outdoor equipment, groceries, household items, and computers, just to name a few, it might read a little something like this. I perform extensive web research to gain insight into a product’s ideal customer segment and inspiration to write copy that informs and delights. I create copy to appeal to and connect with my audience while compelling them to take action.

Woot!, an Amazon Subsidiary

2+ years


Date Completed

Are kids testing your patience again? How far away do you want to get from them? 50 feet? 75 feet? 80 feet? 100 feet?! Hey, no judgment! We know you need 30 minutes of peace, a glass of wine, and something to plug your phone charger into.

If this cheese is made out of the air, it means it doesn’t exist and therefore HAS NO CALORIES?! OMG. I think I’ve found the perfect food.

When is a fan, not a fan? If it looks like a speaker, sounds like a radio, and has buttons like an alarm… IT MUST BE A FAN! This “fan” might not look like a fan, it doesn’t have blades like a fan, but it sounds like one!

Get into the Zone, Auto [our lawyers won’t let us finish this line.]

Greenworks Animation presents Mowana. An adventurous teen sets out on a daring mission to mow the front lawn. Along the way, she fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought: her allowance.